March break madness

 how was your week? I hope it was good. Did it go by quickly or did the days drag by painfully slow? For me the week flew by and I think the reason for that is because this week my kids were off on March break. Despite the distractions, I did something new with them, Mother daughter dates. I took them out seperately for a few hours. Nothing crazy, they like walmart and after we got something to eat.

They both seem to like our date and i'm thinking, maybe I should do this more often. They are getting older and to be honest they are 10 months apart, and at this point everything they do is together. I think they each would benefit from having some mommy time for a few hours.

On another note, i'm feeling much better since last week and march break is coming to an end! 

What was your week like?

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Dying to Meet You is the exciting first installment in the Conjuring a Coroner series. 
Any reader who buys this book before March 25th and emails the proof of purchase to: samuel@samuelcstokes.com,  you will receive a bonus fantasy novella and a dossier loaded with cool details from the series.
Red Ryder has been going to Wonderland Guardian Academy since middle school, but she still doesn't belong.

At 16 years old, she doesn't have any magical talents to speak of, and the rest of her peers know it.
She may as well be a typical, mundane human, and the witchs make her school life miserable.

How is she supposed to help as a guardian when she may as well be one of them? 
It's a fight. It's bear tradition. It's simple. The champion wins the right to mate the new matriarch.

Serena Boone always knew it. Being the new matriarch of her bear shifter clan comes with big responsibility.
Nothing she couldn't handle alone, but now she has to be protected during the transition of power.

But why does her protector have to be one hot and sexy masterpiece?

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