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Welcome November

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You know what? Living in Ontario, Canada I am happy with the weather. Usually around this time the weather is a lot colder and sometimes it's snowing. However this year, our summer has lasted a lot longer but I will have to knock on wood because I'm gonna jinx an entire province. 

As I digress, since I switched newsletter providers a few months ago, I haven't gotten a chance to share my exclusive goodies. (Deleted scenes, Character interviews and Desktop wallpaper/Smartphone backgrounds etc) I want to provide you guys with more cool stuff, not just giveaways and book sales because yes, those are good but I also want to add awesome book related content. If you have any ideas or suggestions, reply back to this email. 

Anyhoo, I'm thinking about sharing my exclusive content once again, so if you are interested you can click here and you'll receive your first exclusive link to my character interview with Dante/ Marquis Delgado- My vampyre twins. On that post, there's a Pinterest link so you can get an idea on what the twins look like.

Author Shelique Lize



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Trent's heart may belong to Tina, but a shadow demon is after his soul...

Trent Austin is a successful, big-city lawyer. The last thing he needs is the burden of a run-down house in the suburbs. But when his crazy uncle dies and leaves his estate to Trent, he soon learns he's inherited a lot more than a Victorian mansion. He's got to get rid of the house--and the ghosts that came with it--before it kills him.

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The only thing between this werewolf and his destined mate is a portal to a different world.

It's crazy. Finn McKinnon knows dreams can't be real. So why does his wolf shifter side have the overwhelming urge to step through a portal into a mysterious new realm? Is Kaleena Sinclair his mate or just a figment of his overactive imagination?

For years, Kaleena has known that Fate has designated the deliciously hot man from Earth as hers, but she can't reveal she's a dragon shifter--at least not yet. Dream-walking has been her only connection to him, but damn, Finn still thinks she doesn't exist. So what's a girl to do -- especially when Finn is her sole chance at survival?

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A story about a kidnapped priestess, the lone wolf shifter who rescues her, and a god desperate to prove his sister wrong.

336 AD. Constantine II rules the Roman Empire, and the Cult of One gains a foothold with the common people. A clash of belief systems is at hand.

Fresh from her misadventures in the western isles, Athena's fears for the fate of her godly family fall upon deaf ears--particularly with carefree Apollo. As she ignores her father's orders to stay within the empire and heads north for Asgard, Apollo, god of music, medicine, archery, and plague, immerses himself among the people to prove her concerns baseless.

Two years earlier, Lor, a devout priestess of Apollo, was kidnapped and sold illegally into slavery. Seven hundred and thirty long days of suffering at the hands of monsters haunts her, and she now fears her newest master plans to sell her to the highest, foulest bidder. Her heart burns with defiance, but surrounded by her master's soldiers, she has little hope of escaping her fate...

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