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My name is Dorian Gray. You might think you know my story? Please. That was just the beginning. Not the end.

I’ve lived over 100 years. I don’t know why. I’ve sinned, deeply, but haven’t we all? 

Now Sybil is back. Her name is Izzy and she looks the same. Smells the same. Walks the same...but everything else about her is different. Stronger. Bolder. I want her more than ever. 

I should keep her safe, and keep my hands to myself. But those dark parts of my soul still linger. I won’t lose her again.

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Forbidden love. Agony. Heartbreak.

Sidelle never wanted to be a fairy princess. Sick of living as a royal, Sidelle longs for something more to satisfy her craving for adventure and her desire to see the world. 

Then a prisoner is thrown into the cells of the Summer Court’s castle. Finnegan is a Winter Fairy, a sworn enemy of Sidelle’s people. Yet opposites attract, and Sidelle can’t resist the challenge of cracking Finn’s cold exterior. Her attempts to break Finn’s walls ends up getting her into a situation that goes from bad to worse; the more she speaks with Finn, the more Sidelle finds herself falling in love. 

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Obsidian Dragon
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