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If you ordered Wicked Doll, you should have received an email from Amazon stating that I cancelled the pre-order for Wicked Doll.

I apologize for the delay. My editor had to set back the edits for
Wicked Doll & Blood Of Beasts. A little bit of a headache but it's coming. 

If you ordered through Amazon, you should have received an email stating that the pre-order was canceled.

New release date: June 15th, the latest.

Nevertheless, you can still pre-order Wicked Doll through the other online retailers except for Amazon:

iBooks | B&N | Kobo | Google Books | Direct

When Wicked Doll goes live on Amazon, i'll send links for purchase.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Good news, if you're in my reader's group you'll receive an advance copy once my editor finishes with it. 

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New release

Blood of beasts sneak peek


This book has been pushed back until  May 1st, 2018.
In case you don't know,
Blood Of Beasts is a prequel to Vampyre Doll. It's set in 1818, France. 

I got a preview chapter for you to read, let me know your thoughts. Please keep in mind that it's unedited.

- - - - - -

I RAN THROUGH what seemed like a long tunnel. It was dark the further I went, losing the light from the stable. I kept my hands on the damp wall and kept moving, while I heard the familiar voice yelling out. There was a point where the wall curved, and far ahead I saw an opening. I think I heard squeaking, and I could have been wrong but I think I had kicked a few rats with my haste speed.

I didn’t stop running. I couldn’t stop running.

I kept moving toward the familiar voice, as my heart drummed wildly in my chest. My mind kept telling me that it was Rene. Another part of myself worried that I was wasting time when I could be escaping right now.

Maybe I had hit my head last night. Maybe I was crazy and losing my mind, but I had to find out. I went through the stoned corridor, and the cries for help stopped. I thought for sure that I was hearing things, until I broke out of the corridor and into an open space which was lit dimly with candles.

A cool chilly breeze greeted me, and I found a bunch of empty cells, blocked with iron bars. I thought back to the sounds of metal I was hearing, like someone was clashing them together.

I kept walking deeper, and deeper into the dungeons. Every cell I passed I looked inside and they were all empty. I didn’t stop walking, I didn’t stop looking until I finally reached the start of the dungeon. Up ahead was a set of curved staircase that went up and disappeared around a bend, and to my right was a chamber like all the rest with the iron doors, but there was someone inside this one.

A voice whispered, it’s him. It’s Rene, as I carefully watched the person cry out with their back facing me. The person sounded like they were in pain. The man staggered forward, a hand bracing against the wet mucky wall for support as he doubled over in agony.

My heart was drumming a steady, hard beat in my chest. And I felt my lips trembling as his name rolled right off my tongue. In a swift gesture my brother turned toward my voice, and at first, he nor I made a move. I stared at my brother knowing that I thought he was dead, but he wasn’t. He was alive. 
- - - -
If you would like to read more,
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vampyre doll

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