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[FNAME], how was your week?  I felt like I blinked and poof, here we are. I'm on a good roll for now, with writing and life happening. My hubby at the moment works atleast three hours away from home, so the employer puts him up in a hotel for the month. He comes home every Friday and it's nice to see him. I know that I've found someone special because I like my alone my time. I like not to be bothered, i'm  a very closed off, unaffectionate person but with him I look forward to when he returns home XD

Any who, enough sappy love, shelique!

I got an exclusive sneak from Piece By Piece for you to read. Scroll on down to read a small excerpt from my upcoming novel.  

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Piece By Piece Excerpt

(May Contain Some Editing Errors)

Stop over thinking things, I tell myself and when I open my eyes Ethan is watching me with green eyes blazing hotter than the sun. Almost instantly the panic fighting to take control disappears.

“What?” I asked feeling the intensity of his stare.

He shakes his head, “You’re such an odd person.”

Narrowing my glare, I purse my lips knowing that I was going to let that comment go. Unzipping my winter coat, I murmur. “Thank you for taking me to the hospital,”

“It was my pleasure,” he gives me a crooked smile and my heart aches with the tease of his dimples.

“This is where I get in the elevator,” I tell him slipping off my coat and backing away graceless and hoping he didn’t want to walk me to Rumi’s door.

Ethan nods his head, realizing what I was trying to do. “You don’t want me to know where Rumi lives.”

“It’s her place, not mine,” I tell him when in all truth, it’s more for me. Reaching the elevator I press the button.

Ethan follows right behind me, “You’re not protecting Rumi.”

“This isn’t about protecting anything, it’s about-” Behind me the elevator door opens.

“You’re hiding,” He interrupts and upon hearing the word hiding, my brain frazzles because that is actually what I’m doing. Hiding from Sparrow but that wasn’t what Ethan was referring to.

With a taut expression, my brows pull together. “I’m standing in front of you, this isn’t hiding.” Although earlier on I tried to avoid him and I had an epic fail.

“I don’t hold it against you,” Ethan murmurs and reaching over my shoulder he places a hand on the elevator to stop it from closing. That action placed him dangerously close to me, making me once again, aware of him and his massive size. Ethan was all man and he was giving me no choice but to acknowledge him.

Once again, I get this fierce desire to touch him everywhere and this time, not just his forearms. I want to caress his body, to feel his strength held captive beneath his shirt. To drag my fingertips across the lowlands of his perfect body.

I breathe him in and his sinful cologne invades my lungs. Ethan takes a cruel step forward forcing me back and the knots that held my guarded state together unravels. I want to tell him to back away but the words don’t form. My tongue is heavy.

Ethan’s eyes draw me in and I see the cliff of damnation. That god damn cliff is ready to welcome my inventible demise.

“Can I tell you a secret?” he asks in a breath.

“Do I have a choice?” my voice is just as hushed and I’m mentally willing the security guard to say something. To save me from Ethan’s words that I know are going to cripple me.

“I knew you liked me back then and I had liked you too.” His eyes are piercing, and I swear my heart stopped with his confession.

I shake my head, not appreciating where this conversation was going. “Why are you telling me this now? You don’t-” have to tell me this, was what I wanted to say.

Ethan interrupts, “I do because you need to hear this.”

The security guard finally informs us that we shouldn’t hold the door open. Without another word Ethan removes his arm and steps into the elevator. With his other hand, he drags me with him.

Stumbling into the elevator, I look down to where Ethan is holding my arm and he lets me go.

“Didn’t want you to run,”

The elevator closes behind me and I press ten. “I wasn’t going to run,” I murmur and I step back to give us, me breathable space. Ethan continues, “You say we weren’t friends and that I don’t know you, but I do get you.” He takes a step toward me, closing me in the confined area and if I could crawl out of my skin I would.

I don’t want to do this, not here.

Not now.

Not…I want to say ever but that was a lie.

If I had returned to Toronto before stealing the kilo of coke, I would have been all over Ethan with his confession. But now, fuck.

My tongue still feels heavy and my eyes are welling with tears. Another small stride and he has me completely cornered.

His voice is painfully gentle and his jaded eyes seem like they’re stripping me of all my demons. “You’re protecting yourself and it’s not just from me, you’ve been hiding all your life. Keeping yourself protected from the assholes you’ve been forced to deal with and even I fell into that category. For that I’m sorry,”

I suck on my bottom lip, trying not to cry. That was the last thing I wanted Ethan to see, and to my luck, the elevator door opened.

Swallowing my grief, Ethan moves a few strands of my hair from out of my face. He pushed it behind my ears, but his hand lingered now combing past my ears and into my hair. The air around us is electrified with mixed sensations and I want to push Ethan away and kiss him at the same time.

That is all for now, if you want to read more CLICK HERE and you'll receive an ARC


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