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Vampyre Doll is sitting at 96 Reviews and I need your help. I would like to push this to One Hundred reviews. If by chance you read Vampyre Doll and enjoyed it but forgot to leave a review on Amazon, I would love you forever if you could hop on over. Your review doesn't have to be anything wordy.

One hundred reviews and i'll giveaway signed copies of Vampyre Doll =)

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Romance ARC Invitation

I'm releasing my first romance book under a new pen name, Aeris Lize. It's called Piece By Piece, and it's not released as yet. I'm seeking early reviewers and people to give me their overall thoughts of the story and characters. 

*This book is a standalone.
*No cliffhangers and HEA.

* Mature content

It does have triggers: Suicide and Rape. However, it is only mentioned, nothing is shown.

If you're interested, you can
Click Here for more information. 



Book Recommendation

Okay, have you seen this book?
Isn't the cover gorgeous.

If the cover alone doesn't make you want to One-Click it, maybe the summary will tickle your fancy.


Severus: demon, incubus, escort--leech. After centuries of scorn from his own kind in the underworld, Severus went topside and settled amongst the secret demon community in Farrow's Hollow. Located near a hell-gate, the city allows him to exist on Earth without sacrificing much of his demon abilities, but as with all incubi, he must take the life essence of humans to maintain his strength.

Working as an escort, he has been able to keep himself satiated, juggling enough clients to ensure that he doesn't repeat the mistakes of past incubi--the murderers, the gluttons, the true demonic leeches.

In his line of work, Severus sees much of the same every night: human women searching for surrender, for a connection, for love. He caters to them, steals from them, not realizing that he's desperate for all the same things. 





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