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This year has been an interesting one. I got back into writing after I took a break for a year and started 2 new book series. I met you and more friends alike. I had my covers revamped and changed the names. I feel very blessed and excited about 2018.


How about you?

How is the holidays treating you?

How has 2017 treated you?


Send me your thoughts, or rants. I’ll read it and I won’t judge. Life isn’t easy for everyone and sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes you may need a listening ear. I certainly won’t say that 2017 has been a smooth ride, even for me but I’ve had my ups and downs. Maybe more downs, but I’m here and looking forward to 2018.

8 more days until christmas 

On a merry note, I got a random question for you, when did you put up your Christmas tree?

I’m asking because mine was put up the 2nd week of November. That was how excited I was for Christmas to finally be right around the corner. I even wrapped a few presents from in November and I put them under the tree. It was a mistake because I have a 5 year old and a 4 year old and every day since I put that damn tree up, they've asked me 'When is Christmas?'. 

I realized I shouldn't have done it so early but I'm more excited than my girls.
Christmas drains the bank account but it makes me happy. It’s stressful but it makes my happy. It’s too busy and I don’t like being burdened but it makes me happy.


I love Christmas. I especially love the food and baked goods.  


Christmas is bitter-sweet but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What Christmas traditions do you have in your household? Does everyone put the tree up together and help decorate? Are presents left until Christmas eve before going under the tree? Do you open presents on Christmas eve? Bake cookies, carol together as a family, lol.

Do you help out at shelters? Do you love this time of the year or hate it?


What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Mine is Carol Of Bells and you can listen to an amazing instrumental version of it here.

Listen On Youtube 


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What a Sexy Cover

*I've read this book and it's amazing 

She’s innocent, wicked with magic, and off limits… Just his type.

It’s Christmas Eve and Cyra Mane’s landed her first solo mission to cleanse a haunted house. Easy. After all, she’s keen to make a good impression with the demon hunting company that hired her. But when Gunn, a seasoned hunter she’s desired for months, shows up, the seemingly simple cleansing task turns dangerous. Why's he there when he’s ignored her for months?

Gunn’s kept his distance for a dark reason that’s followed him for years. And he sure as hell doesn’t intend to drag sweet Cyra into his mess, even if he can’t stop fantasizing about her. Besides, he’s there as a favor to her brother.

But when Cyra’s spell goes horribly wrong, not only are they imprisoned in the house, but they’ve discovered a portal to Hell. And that’s the least of their problems when they uncover the house’s secret. Can Cyra keep her mind off the brooding hunter and on protecting the elderly home owners before the demon hunting them turns them into Christmas dinner?


- - - - -
That is all for now. This is the last email of the year and I wish you all the best. Thank you for sticking around and sharing your inbox with me.

If you don't celebrate Chritsmas, I still wish you all the best into the new year. You'll hear from me in 2018 if you wish to stay and I honestly hope you'll decide to stay.

Shelique Lize

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