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22 Kickass Heroines.
22 Exclusive, Full-length Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Novels.
0 Damsels in Distress.


Do you like your leading ladies to save the day...or raze it?

No matter which you prefer, this set is brimming with 20 magical stories (many BRAND NEW) told by some of the leading voices of urban fantasy and fantasy in the industry, including several New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors!

If you want strong female leads who strike back against the captivating worlds of vampires, elementals, fiends, and paranormal monsters, then you're ready to charge into the adventures of HEROINES & HELLIONS, a pure Urban Fantasy/Fantasy collection!

Grab your stake, silver bullets, and your limited edition copy of HEROINES & HELLIONS today!


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A young girl with new powers. An unstoppable supernatural hunter. A secret family history to be unraveled before it’s too late…

Meet Aria Negrescu – orphan, coffee shop barista, and apparently, supernatural. Fireballs just shot out of her hands, and she has no idea how. Magical abilities aren’t as cool as they sound when you have no control over them. Now an unstoppable hunter wants her dead, and if she’s going to survive she has to discover who she really is. 

To get a grip on her new powers, she needs to trust a mysterious stranger who always happens to show up right when she needs him. Trust, however, is not a word in her vocabulary – not after being abandoned so many times. Even if he is super hot. But none of that really matters because if she doesn’t master her powers and stop the hunter, she’s as good as dead. 

A whole supernatural world existed right under Aria’s nose, and she’s about to become a part of it. Whether she likes it or not. 

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Can the daughter of his ancient enemy be trusted with his life—or his heart?
Raven was an avenging angel sent to patrol the Fallen—until witches attacked.
Aria must do her part, but it's hard when her own family threatens to tear her down.

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