I hate being sick

I have a four year old and a five year old, so in all truth it's unavoidable. Nevertheless, I managed to avoid getting sick time and time again, but it caught me. I feel it in my throat, I always feel it in my throat first before anywhere else but this time it feels worse. Like there's a sore at the back of my tongue. It's annoying because I can't eat anything and I want to eat cookies but I can't.

It hurts to swallow, but i'm surviving.
Wish me luck tonight.

Author Shelique Lize


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When she inherits the ancestral manor she’d grown up in from her wily grandmother, Jilly is ready to settle down.

Only problem—the manor has been willed to Luke Bannon as well. 

The bane of her existence, Luke is the one guy who can threaten her walls. But not a man to be ignored. 
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Skye Summers: Museum Studies grad, yoga enthusiast, sushi fanatic, self-proclaimed cat lady…

Sugar baby hopelessly falling for her sugar daddy.

Unfortunately for Skye, internet security billionaire Cole Daniels, professional workaholic, has always been more like a best friend. 
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Every girl needs a daddy, right?
Thanks to my mom leaving for vacation with her new billionaire husband the day after my nineteenth birthday, I end up with two.

They adore me, they protect me, and they provide me with undeniable pleasure.

There's just one little problem...
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